Feature film and TV mini-series

Based on the book „Kaytek the Wizard” by Janusz Korczak,
great Polish writer and pedagogue, Poland, the 1930s.


An 11 year-old Kaytek discovers a preternatural power, the potential of creating reality. This amazing gift turns out to be too heavy to carry for a sensible, curious boy with family issues growing up in disturbing time before WWII. A nostalgic story about dreams, seeking for love and getting mature.

„Kaytek the Wizard” aims to play on the strings of children’s imagination, emotions and phantasies in a deeply subtle way. Considering the book’s author, Janusz Korczak, one can become confident of getting not only touching but a wise movie as well. „Kaytek the Wizard” can be seen as a philosophical treatise about getting mature put into a form of a fairy tale involving magic, incredible adventures, a battle of Good against Evil and the final victory of the Good. This wise and deep tale fits vigorously into today’s perception of the World and is dedicated, as Korczak wrote himself, to „all the restless children, those who find it hard to change and improve”.

The conflict depicted in the story - between the phantasy world and the realism - is shown through the experiences of an imaginative boy with a complicated personality. The supernatural Power of creating wonders, which Kaytek discovers in himself, is the cause of amazing occurrences. The little Wizard uses his powers for different reasons: once they are egoistic, sometimes they fulfil his curiosity, the other time Kaytek just makes jokes, but He finally starts to feel a mature need to help others.

At this point He also discovers that his Powers are limited. He is not able to bring back to life his beloved Grandmother. Kaytek rapidly grows up by finding out that there are final cases in Life, that can’t be turned around. He also learns to take responsibility for his acts. The price our Hero pays for this initiation is loneliness and alienation. He overbeats those feelings though by experiencing Love. Kaytek undergoes a long and difficult journey, not only in the geographical meaning, but most of all discovering himself – his unique, sole, beautiful personality that becomes fulfil and harmonic only in a close contact to another human.

About Janusz Korczak

(1878 - 1942)

A great writer and pedagogue. A charismatic person, a doctor and an educator, a Polish Jew, who died together with his alumni from the Dom Sierot orphanage in Warsaw in the Treblinka extermination camp.

His works deal with the philosophy of human maturing and methods of the child’s personality formation. In his work and practice Korczak anticipated his Times. He was a visionary on the field of the modern pedagogical science and its most interesting directions.

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Korczak is a trademark of world’s knowledge of children’s psychology. His books were translated into an undefined amount of languages all around the World. His message of respect for the child, particularly emphasized by UNESCO, is essential in creating Children's Rights.

Presently the respect for the child, the respect for another culture, religion, attitude, sex or disability are the fundamental issues of the modern world. „Respect” is also a key-word for us, the creators of this movie and we will use it as a guidance while transferring Korczak’s message into the image.

Director: Magdalena Łazarkiewicz
(Prix Italia 2012 | Prix Europa 2012)
Screenplay: Katarzyna Terechowicz & Magdalena Łazarkiewicz
(Prix Italia 2012 | Prix Europa 2012)
Producers: Sylwester Banaszkiewicz & Marcin Kurek
(Prix Italia 2012 | Prix Europa 2012 | Tirana IFF 2012 Polish Oscar Candidate for Best Foreign Language Film)



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Country: Poland